Bring Google Slides Presentations to Condens

The Google Slides integration makes it easy to reference your presentation slides in Condens Artifacts and more.

By embedding Google Slides Presentations in Condens, you can only preview your slides and not edit them.

Search results in Condens don’t include embedded Google Slides presentations.

Follow these steps to embed a Google Slides presentation in any Artifact, Session, or Project description:

In Google Slides

You don't need to share your Google Slides presentations publicly to embed them in Condens. However, to view the embed, Condens users must be logged into the Google Account with access to the embedded slides.

  1. Open the Google Slides presentation you want to share.

  2. Click Share.

  3. Choose who to share your slides with. If you use your work account, you can share the slides with suggested recipients or with everyone across your organization.

  4. Copy the link to your slides.

In Condens

  1. - In any editor (eg. in a Session, text Artifact, Project description, etc.) use the next to an empty line or type ‘/’ and select Google Slides.

  2. - In any Whiteboard Artifact, click (...) on the left menu bar, search for Google Slides, then select and place it on the Whiteboard.

  3. Paste the link in the respective field on the Google Slides element.

You can find more details on how to retrieve the link to Google Slides presentations here.

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