Connect hundreds of tools via Zapier

By connecting Condens with Zapier you can connect hundreds of tools with Condens and create powerful automation to ease your UX research workflow, e.g. by automatically pushing new survey responses gathered via SurveyMonkey to a new Session in Condens. This integration is available for all Team, Business and Enterprise plans.

Basic functionality

Automations by Zapier work with triggers and actions. You can set up tool automations following the scheme: if this happens (=trigger) then do is (=action). The complete chain of trigger and action events is one Zap in Zapier. Below, you see all available trigger & actions events for Condens you can integrate into any Zap:

  • Available Trigger Events

    • Participant is created

    • Artifact is published

  • Available Action Events

    • Create or update Session

    • Create or Update Participant

How to connect Zapier and Condens

Setting up the integration requires a Zapier account. You can connect Condens to all Zapier accounts but your Zapier plan will affect the amount and type of automation you can create. Here's how you can connect the tools:

  1. Create a Zapier account and log in.

  2. Open the Condens Integration on Zapier.

  3. Click Connect Condens to 4000+apps (or choose a Zap from the templates first).

  4. Choose a Zap from the templates or start creating a new Zap. (A Zap is one app automation that you create on Zapier.)

  5. Select a trigger from the list.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Click Sign in to Condens.

  8. You will be asked to enter your Zapier API key. Open Condens, go to Settings, click on the tab Integrations. As an Admin you can activate the integration and then copy the API key for Zapier.

  9. Enter the API key in the Zapier mask and confirm.

  10. Now your Zapier and Condens accounts are connected and you can continue setting up automations with Zapier.

Tips for setting up Zapier automations

  • Create Multi-Step-Zaps: With Multi-Step-Zaps, you can automate multiple actions from one trigger event. For example, when receiving user feedback via email, you can create a new participant in Condens and then create a new session using this participant information in one automation.

  • Parse input information: When assigning information to the appropriate field is challenging, including Zapier parsers as steps in between can help to identify the input information. For example, Formatter by Zapier and Email Parser by Zapier.

    • Email Parser by Zapier: Create a unique mailbox address that triggers the automation whenever a new email comes in. In the setup process, define the relevant information fields that you want to push to another tool. Here's how that could look like:

      Extracted email information with Email by Zapier
    • Formatter by Zapier: This parser allows you to extract relevant information from your input data. Some set-ups require coding skills on your side to define your extraction pattern. Here is an example of extracting the first email address that appears in a text. We extract information from a Slack message in this example, but this works for any input information. When creating this Zap-step, define the Style to "Extract Pattern" and use this expression: [\w.+-]+@[\w-]+\.[\w.-]+

    Extracted text information with Formatter by Zapier

    • In the following steps, you can directly use the extracted information, for example, by adding the email address as participant information.

      Matching extracted information to participant fields

Popular Automations via Zapier

Here are some popular Condens connections via Zapier:

  1. Automatically create a new Session in Condens, when someone submits feedback in a Slack channel.

  2. Automatically create a new Participant in Condens, when you create a new contact record in Salesforce.

  3. Automatically create a new Session in Condens, when you receive user feedback via E-Mail.

  4. Automatically create a new Session and new Participant in Condens, when you receive new survey responses in SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics.

  5. Automatically create a new Session and new Participant in Condens, when a new ticket is added to a view in Zendesk. (Learn more)

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