Bulk-Import Sessions from spreadsheets and CSV-files

When you have structured research data from a survey or structured interview already available, you can bulk-import this data and create multiple Sessions at once.

We support bulk-importing for CSV, Excel, or Google Sheets files.

How to import multiple Sessions

In a project, click on to upload a CSV, Excel, or Google Spreadsheet file. You can upload the file manually or via our Microsoft Cloud integration or Google Drive integration.

Next, you can define how the data should be transferred to Sessions:

  1. Click on the Import Settings to define whether each column or each row reflects a Session. Per default, the first row/column will be used as titles. (If this doesn't apply to your research data, you can toggle it off and name the fields individually.)

  2. Second, go through the different fields and define how you want the data to be brought to Sessions more precisely. There are several options:

    • You can choose an existing Session Information Field that you have already used in this project.

    • You can create a new field: Either as a new Session information field or a new Section. Here's how to assign matching rubrics:

      • Numerical questions, structured answers to multiple-choice questions, or any other demographic data should be imported into the Session information field.

      • Free-form text answers are imported best as Sections so that you can structure and analyze those with Highlights and Tags.

      • Tip: Below the table, you see a preview of how the different fields will be placed in the new Sessions.

    • You can exclude rubrics from import.

  3. Confirm your import settings and start the import.

Bulk-Import is not working?

Importing structured data to Condens often involves transferring large amounts of data from diverse sources. In order for this to work smoothly, it may be necessary to prepare the file to be imported appropriately. Here are some tips to prepare your spreadsheet file:

  • Make sure that your file is a valid CSV or Excel file: When you have a spreadsheet in a different format like a Numbers spreadsheet (a spreadsheet created with the Apple program Numbers that has a file name like filename.numbers), export the file and save it as an Excel or CSV file before importing it to Condens.

  • Make sure that exactly one row (or column) is used as a title for the content in your file: So when you want to import a survey, it's helpful to have the question in one field and all answers in the same row (or column) - and no other descriptions in the extra fields around your question.

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