Make UX research a team-sport

One of the most powerful ways to get buy-in from stakeholders and clients is to involve them in the research process. Condens guides researchers with less experience through the process while also helping spread user research techniques across the company.
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Fast onboarding

Through exceptional usability and a structured process onboarding is a matter of minutes, not days.
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Built for collaboration

Condens is purpose-built for collaboration - be it for remote teams or in person workshops with a big screen.
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High quality research

A clear workflow helps keep your research structured and ensures consistent results across your company.

Collaborative analysis for remote or on-site teams

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate on the same documents in real time. See what colleagues are typing and take notes simultaneously.

In-line comments

Add comments in the right context and point co-workers to spots where input is needed.

Digital affinity mapping

Create affinity maps through drag and drop - just like you would with sticky notes on a whiteboard.

Collaborate on projects

It’s easy to invite other researchers to participate in projects. You can see at a glance who was involved in a project and contact them in case of questions.

"The best thing is that Condens is usable with minimal onboarding of new users. I don’t have to spend a lot of time teaching people how to use it, they open it and automatically get a sense of what to do.”
Photo of Kayla Svoboda, UX Researcher at Freeletics
Kayla Svoboda
UX Researcher at Freeletics

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How Freeletics fosters collaboration and democratizes user research

Freeletics uses Condens to involve non-researchers in the analysis process of qualitative research and spreads user research throughout the company.
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