Let's meet up virtually: UX Research Meetup & Event Guide September 2021

Let's meet up virtually: UX Research Meetup & Event Guide September 2021

Check out this September's virtual talks, meetups, networking events, and conferences around UX Research.

This guide focuses on pure UX Research events and doesn’t include general UX events on purpose. Also, we focused on events that are primarily held in English. Most of the included meetups are free, but we also added some announced events with a comparatively low fee and specific UX Research conferences.

By clicking on the linked date of each event, you can check the event's date for the different time zones. ⏰🌍

Sep 02 / Running a UX Research Workshop with the Customer Support Team

⏰ Date: Thursday, September 02, 17:00 EDT, 1 hour

🎀 Organized by: Meetup Group Object-Oriented UX Happy Hour, Atlanta, GA, USA

πŸ’° Price: 5$

πŸ’‘ "Got a big, complex product that you have to help improve or redesign? Customer support teams are full of knowledge and running UX and discovery workshops with them can reduce weeks of discovery into hours..." Learn more

Sep 02 / UX Research in Canada πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Thursday, September 02, 18:30 EDT, 1,5 hours

🎀 Organized by: Meetup Group IxDA Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "How has Canada’s scene changed recently in terms of companies understanding more about UX Research? What are the upcoming trends in UX Research?..." Learn more

Sep 02 / Numbers behind the scene: quantitative research in practice πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Thursday, September 02, 16:00 CEST, 1,5 hours

🎀 Organized by: UXHel Community, Helsinki, Finland

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "Join us at this event to learn how UX Researchers share how data can influence design decisions by showcasing their projects step by step..." Learn more

Sep 06 / Surveys that work: A practical guide to designing better surveys πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Monday, September 06, 16:00 CEST, 1 hour

🎀 Organized by: Meetup Group CPHUX, Copenhagen, Denmark

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "E-meet Caroline Jarrett and hear the story behind the book 'Surveys that work: A Practical Guide for Designing Better Surveys'. Surveys are often the method that our colleagues and clients ask for, but they can be remarkably tricky to do well..." Learn more

Sep 08 / Managing Stakeholders πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Monday, September 06, 19:00 CEST, 3 hours

🎀 Organized by: Tech Circus UX Crunch

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "Managing your stakeholders can be tricky. You want to keep them happy but also need to prioritize the needs of the company and its users- so there have to be consistent and open conversations happening..." Learn more

Sep 09 / Michele Ronsen: User Research Methods in action πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Wednesday, September 09, 15:30 PDT, 1,5 hours

🎀 Organized by: UX Rescue

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "Michele will talk about several user research methods, share what they "look like" in action, discuss the types of research questions they answer and their pros and cons. She will also share a few of her most popular tools/templates from her "Ask Like A Pro" user research workshop series..." Learn more

Sep 10 / Flex your UX - a qualitative research summit

⏰ Date: Wednesday, September 10, 11:00 EDT, 7,5 hours

🎀 Organized by: QRCA organization, USA

πŸ’° Price: 25$ / 20€

πŸ’‘ "QRCA is hosting a jam-packed day providing an amazing opportunity for us in the research community to exercise our User Experience (UX) Research muscles! We’re bringing together the entire research communityβ€”across industries and rolesβ€”to connect, educate, and advance our UX skills..." Learn more

Sep 13 / UXinsight Book Club - Research Practice by Gregg Bernstein πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Monday, September 13, 20:00 CEST, 1,5 hours

🎀 Organized by: Meetup Group UXinsight NL, Netherlands

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "We plan to discuss our learnings after reading the book: Research Practice - Perspectives from UX researchers in a changing field, by Gregg Bernstein. The great news: Gregg will also join this session to answer all of your questions! ..." Learn more

Sep 14 / Meet the Author Heather Hedden: β€œThe Accidental Taxonomist” πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Tuesday, September 14, 18:00 PDT, 1 hour

🎀 Organized by: UX Book Club, Seattle, USA

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "UX Seattle book club is happy to announce that Heather Hedden will join us for a presentation and a QA session of her book: The Accidental Taxonomist. Heather Hedden is an information management professional, with a specialization in taxonomies, ontologies, metadata, and indexing..." Learn more

Sep 14 / Getting to know your Users through User Interviews - Femtasy πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Tuesday, September 14, 18:30 CEST, 1 hour

🎀 Organized by: Meetup Group Product Management People, Berlin, Germany

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos, Head of Product at Femtasy, will be our guest to talk about: Getting to know your users with user interviews. We are on a mission to help companies discover and deliver great products faster. We do this by empowering our community..." Learn more

Sep 15 / Fireside Chat: The Impact of UX Research on your Business Strategy πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Wednesday, September 15, 14:00 EDT, 0,5 hour

🎀 Organized by: Radiant Digital, Virginia, USA

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "This webinar covers the strategic value of UX research and having research professionals with a holistic perspective on the team. The purpose is to demonstrate that the value of UX/CX research extends beyond the tactical benefits of building the best app or device for end-users..." Learn more

Sep 15 / Hiring Process Insights for Senior and Lead UX Researchers

⏰ Date: Wednesday, September 15, 17:30 PDT, 1,5 hour

🎀 Organized by: PDXHCD, Portland, Oregon, USA

πŸ’° Price: 10$

πŸ’‘ "Landing a role in UX research takes hard work, preparation, confidence, and a solid job search strategy. Join us for a discussion with 3 experienced UX Research hiring managers, led by host Amy Santee, about how to show up as a stand-out candidate for Senior and Lead research roles...." Learn more

Sep 21 / How to Approach UX Research Projects πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Tuesday, September 21, 13:00 EDT, 1 hour

🎀 Organized by: Viget, Falls Church, Virgina, USA

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "UX research can provide valuable, actionable insights that enable your organization to make informed decisions about how to design, build, and refine your products. If you’re interested in incorporating UX research into your process but unsure of how to get started..." Learn more

Sep 22 / UX Research: A Career Path πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Wednesday, September 22, 16:30 EDT, 1 hour

🎀 Organized by: Ideate Labs, USA

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "During this chat, Imani, founder of Yzzi Research, will share her journey into UX research, what she currently does as a UX researcher, provide tips to break into UX research, and answer audience questions about UX research..." Learn more

Sep 24 / UXRConf by Learners: New-to-Field-Edition πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Friday, September 24, 11:00 EDT, 5 hours

🎀 Organized by: Learners

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "Hear stories from your peers about how they managed their break-in, how they’re adjusting to life as a full-time UXR and how remote has changed landing their first gig. Plus, hear what leaders in the field want you to know and where they think the field is headed. From the same team who brought you UXRConf and UXRConf Anywhere, β€˜UXRConf by Learners: New-To-Field’ is a new spin on our annual research event..." Learn more

Sep 27-30 / Radical Research Summit

⏰ Date: Monday, September 27, 09:00 EDT, 4 days

🎀 Organized by: Radical Research Summit by Spatial Research & Design practitioners, Canada

πŸ’° Price: 60$ / 50€

πŸ’‘ The 5th Annual Research Summit will be held over 4 days in 2h-segments optimized for an online conference. The conference offers a UX research deep-dive and will focus on UX topics around engaging technological and social movements this time. Learn more

Sep 28 / UX Research in an Agile World πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Tuesday, September 28, 17:00 CDT, 2 hours

🎀 Organized by: UX Research and Strategy, USA

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "UX Research is still one of the hardest areas to incorporate into an Agile setting. This session will cover recommendations for setting up the logistics to best facilitate research and specific tips to plan, run, and analyze UX research effectively within an Agile environment..." Learn more

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