Let's meet up virtually: UX Research Meetup & Event Guide October 2021

Let's meet up virtually: UX Research Meetup & Event Guide October 2021

October 1, 2021

Check out this October's virtual talks, meetups, networking events, and conferences around UX Research.

This guide focuses on pure UX Research events and doesn’t include general UX events on purpose. Also, we focused on events that are primarily held in English. Most of the included meetups are free, but we also added some announced events with a comparatively low fee and specific UX Research conferences.

By clicking on the linked date of each event, you can check the event's date for the different time zones. ⏰🌍

Oct 1 / REOPS CONF by learners πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Friday, October 1, 11:00 EDT, 2 hours

🎀 Organized by: Learners Community

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "Want To Dive Deeper Into The World of ReOps? Then join the folks behind the UXRCollective and UXRConfAnywhere on Friday October 1 for a day of free, high-quality learning and community from anywhere in the world..." Learn more

Oct 5-7 & 12-14 / Magnify Conference The Inclusive Design + Research Conference

⏰ Date: October 5-7 & 12-14, 15:00 BST

🎀 Organized by: Magnify Conference

πŸ’° Price: 15-70$ USD

πŸ’‘ This will be the first conference fully specialized on the intersection of User Research and Inclusive Design. The first Magnify conference will be held entirely online. The conference team aims to push the work towards equity, elevate voices, challenge power, and enable social justice by discussing, connecting, and learning in the field of UX design and research. Learn more

Oct 6 / The Next Evolution of Research (VRAR Chicago) πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Wednesday, October 6, 19:00 CDT, 2 hours

🎀 Organized by: Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Chicago Meetup Group

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "One of the key aspects of immersive technology is the cognitive dissonance that real space can be overpowered by perceived space. That what you know is not real, is β€œreal” enough, to be interactive. This renders the person wearing the headset from a passive observer to an active participant in the content..." Learn more

Oct 6 / User Research: Fireside chat with Nikki Anderson πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Wednesday, October 6, 19:00 CEST, 1,5 hours

🎀 Organized by: Service Design Drinks Berlin

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "In this fireside chat with Nikki Anderson, we will be exploring the important world of User Research! We are eagerly looking forward to our conversation with Nikki. It's going to be an informal conversation where we will be getting her answers to questions like..." Learn more

Oct 11-15 & 18-21 / EPIC2021 Anticipation - There are no future facts.

⏰ Date: October 11-15 & 18-21 with 3 regional schedules to participate worldwide

🎀 Organized by: EPIC, USA

πŸ’° Price: starting 350$/200€

πŸ’‘ The EPIC2021 conference will be a virtual, global event held from San Jose, California, USA. EPIC is a nonprofit organization that promotes the practices of ethnographers (e.g., user researchers, UX designers, strategists, and other roles) and invites them to its 17th yearly conference. β€œAnticipation” is the theme that covers diverse ideas around how research that focuses on understanding people today can intentionally shape future possibilities. Learn more

Oct 12 / The Politics and Ethics of Representation in Qualitative Research

⏰ Date: Tuesday, October 12, 18:00 CDT, 1,5 hours

🎀 Organized by: UX Chicago Meetup Group, Colorado, USA

πŸ’° Price: 2$

πŸ’‘ "Join us online on Tuesday, October 12 to discuss The Critical Methodologies Collective's recent book, The Politics and Ethics of Representation in Qualitative Research. About the book, from the publisher: This book offers insights on politics and ethics of representation that are relevant to researchers concerned with...." Learn more

Oct 13 / Helping Stakeholders Visualize UX Research with Gregg Murray, Ph.D. πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Wednesday, October 13, 12:00 MDT

🎀 Organized by: Boulder/Longmont UX Research Meetup Group, Colorado, USA

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "There are, of course, those visuals: the graph and the pie chart that clearly illustrate the research findings. But the truth is, these are not the only slides in your deck – they are possibly not even the most important ones. In this session, I’ll highlight a few best practices for presenting UX research...." Learn more

Oct 14 / Getting started with inclusive research

⏰ Date: Thursday, October 14, 17:00 CEST, 1 hour

🎀 Organized by: Service Design College, Barcelona, Spain

πŸ’° Price: 20$ / 17€

πŸ’‘ "As designers, we have more power than we think. What we design impacts people and communities. Because of that, we should ask ourselves: "Will it harm or support underserved communities?" "Will it heal and empower individuals?" "What main challenges will I encounter while designing to serve this scope?" This starts with doing research in a radically different way, ethically and inclusively...." Learn more

Oct 14 / How to make User Research more strategic πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Thursday, October 14, 19:30 BST, 2 hours

🎀 Organized by: UX Oxford Group, UK

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "This talk will discuss challenges that might make it hard for user researchers to look at the bigger picture and be more forward-thinking, and will show you how to change this by focusing on techniques to make user experience research more strategic. Whether you’re a solo user researcher or part of a larger team, you’ll...." Learn more

Oct 16 / Qualitative Research 101 by Amazon Manager, PM πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Saturday, October 16, 11:30 PDT, 0,5 hour

🎀 Organized by: Product School, San Francisco, USA

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "Qualitative research provides product managers with an understanding of the why and how behind the numbers. Also helpful in exploring new product ideas. Learn how to use qualitative research methods to generate insights and create products that delight customers...." Learn more

Oct 18 / Intro to UX/UI Design: User Research πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Monday, October 18, 20:00 EDT, 1,5 hours

🎀 Organized by: Thinkful Webinars, USA

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "User research is the secret weapon that helps designers learn about the behavior, goals, motivations, and needs of the people who actually use their platform. With this valuable skill set, you’ll be ready to kick off your career in UX design....." Learn more

Oct 20 / UX Crunch at Home - Data & Design πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Wednesday, October 20, 19:00 CEST, 3 hours

🎀 Organized by: Tech Circus Meetups

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "Data is the backbone of solid UX. Without meticulously going through our research and findings, we'd never fully understand what it is customers are looking for from a product or service and we'd probably make a lot of bad decisions..." Learn more

Oct 21 / Sketch X Tech Circus - User research - why it's important and how we do it πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Thursday, October 21, 19:00 CEST, 3 hours

🎀 Organized by: Tech Circus Meetups

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "User research - why it's important and how we do it at Sketch. As design defines more and more companies, the importance of research has come a long way. By sharing expert opinions, Sketch will take us through the entire research journey..." Learn more

Oct 27 / UX Crunch at Home: Empathy & Mental Health in UX πŸ†“

⏰ Date: Wednesday, October 27, 19:00 CEST, 3 hours

🎀 Organized by: Tech Circus Meetups

πŸ’° Price: Free

πŸ’‘ "It's clear that those within the UX field have a special interest in people and will often utilise their personal empathetic skills within their practice as means of improving their research or product. By consistently putting yourself in your user's shoes, you're bound to make improvements to your work- but how can this impact a designer's own thoughts and feelings?..." Learn more

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