Tell me without telling me - Typical statements of a UX Researcher

Tell me without telling me - Typical statements of a UX Researcher

May 21, 2022

What's the problem we're trying to solve? - As a UX researcher, you've probably said this phrase yourself before. It's a typical question leading the practice of user research and it's not the only one. With the help of our community 💛, we've collected those typical UX research sentences, things researchers end up saying every day, and statements that define the role of UX researchers.

Here's a selection of typical UX research phrases, that characterize the UX research practice fundamentally or that user researchers use again and again.

Typical things UX Researchers say... bring in users in the process

  • "We are not our users."

  • "Nice hypothesis, let’s test it!"

  • "Wow! It's a great idea. Let's see what users say about it."

  • "It seems like these are our assumptions. Do we know what the users think about this?"

  • "We have indications, but we don't know."

„I would really love to observe some of your users using this in an everyday setting.“

UX teamlead at msg research show the value of UX Research

  • "It’s not just about the what. It’s about the why."

  • "What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?"

  • "This solution is connected to which user needs?"

  • "It’s not about the added value, it’s about getting the basics right."

  • "Let's fully understand the problem so we can be open to all possible solutions."

  • "What is driving this initiative's timeline?"

„But you don’t know why they do what they do.“

Senior UX researcher at New Relic

...while conducting research

  • "Is there something you want to add to our conversation?"

  • "I didn't design this; nothing you can say will hurt my feelings."

  • "This recording is for internal purposes only, I promise you won't end up on a billboard somewhere."

  • "Can you use the system while constantly thinking aloud?"

  • "Tell me more about why you are asking for this..."

  • "There’s no right or wrong in this conversation."

...when analyzing and sharing research data

  • "Wherever there's an extreme emotion, there's an extreme opportunity!"

  • "It depends..."

  • "What people say they want and what they really need isn't necessarily the same."

  • "So the data says..."

Characterizing phrases for the field of UX Research

„Don’t bring opinions to a data fight.“

UX Researcher & UX Designer @Maltem
  • "I humanize technology."

  • "Qual is just as valid as quant. One explores deeply and the other validates and sizes - both are credible."

  • "Research is about curiosity."

  • "Bad data is worse than no data."

Suggest new phrases 💡

There is more - this is just our collection 1.0. We'll expand the selection and have fun things planned already! We are happy to receive more suggestions. Join the conversation on LinkedIn or reach out to us via mail.

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