Single Sign-on (SSO)

Condens offers Single Sign-on (SSO) for user authentication. SSO is available in our Enterprise plan or as an add-on to the Company plan for an additional $100 or 100€ per month (see pricing page). Get in touch via to learn more.

Advantages of using SSO

Using SSO for user authentication makes lives easier for stakeholders, Condens admins and IT admins.

  1. Stakeholders don't need to manually create an account for Condens, instead they can authenticate with one click.

  2. Condens Admins don't need to invite Stakeholders manually one by one. Instead, with SSO they can give a certain group or anyone in the organization access to Condens automatically.

  3. IT admins centrally manage user access. If, for example, someone leaves the organization, IT can revoke access to all their accounts including that of Condens.

Supported providers

We support all SAML 2.0 based identity providers including:

  • ADFS

  • Auth0

  • Centrify

  • G Suite (SAML)

  • LastPass

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Okta

  • OneLogin

  • PingFederate

  • PingOne

How to invite users with SSO

During the SSO setup process, you can choose whether you want to automatically grant access to the Stakeholder Repository to all members of your organization or invite Stakeholders by hand.

Independent of that, Researchers and Administrators have to be invited manually to view and edit raw data.

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