Import files from past studies

You can bring your existing research findings like presentations or reports to Condens to have everything in a single place and fully searchable.

Uploading existing research data

Upload files by dropping them in the Artifact section of the respective project. To make sure the file's content is searchable, use one of these formats: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, or Keynote. Note: If you have presentations from Google Slides, download them as a PDF or PPTX file and upload them as such to Condens.

There are three modes to display files:

  • In-line: The file gets displayed in line with other content in the artifact. Different file pages follow one another.

  • Full size: You can open every fill in its full size, allowing you to switch between pages and zoom in. For example, when you have a detailed customer journey map already available, you are able to zoom into the details in the full-size mode.

  • Collapsed: When adding attachments and additional resources you can collapse the file preview to use less space in the artifact.


Adding information fields

Artifact information fields give you the option to add relevant metadata to Artifacts that will help you to keep them organized and findable. Adding this information to Artifacts that contain past studies files will make the search for both, researchers and stakeholders, easier and faster.

Searching imported files

The search will consider the text of uploaded files and show it in the search results. Click the highlighted word to jump to the respective position of the file where the word came up.


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