Specifically designed for research

Condens will power up your research with these features

Easy to use collaborative text editor

Experience seamless note taking while collaborating with colleagues in real time. Headlines, lists and bullet points ensure a clear structure. With images directly in line, information is right where it belongs.

Users working together on the same document

Fast, AI-assisted tagging

Build the structure that facilitates analysis by attaching tags to notes and images. Multi tags and AI-based suggestions ensure a smooth workflow that is easy to pick up for anyone in your team.

Suggested tags for the selected text

All files in one place

Store audio and video recordings, consent forms, sketches or any other document with your projects. A central place for all research data makes it easy to find the right file instantly.

Text and media files of a participant

Powerful segmentation

Filter and group by tags and participant information in any combination with a few clicks. Seeing data through different lenses lets you detect patterns and answer questions.

Filtering by tag and participant information

Affinity clusters

Group related highlights to clusters simply with drag and drop. Clusters represent detected patterns and themes. Highlights in a cluster link to their source, so you know where they come from.

Creating affinity clusters with drag and drop

Summarize & share with evidence

Summarize results and create a polished version of the research findings. Embedded media like images, quotes or observations make it engaging for your audience. Provide read-only access to all stakeholders or your whole company.

Shareable conclusion

User research repository

Avoid duplicate work and build on what already exists with the Condens Stakeholder Repository. Let anyone in your organization find existing user research quickly. Adaptable filters help to search projects and results in a structured manner.

Stakeholder repository

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